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Decor is a very important part of the wedding, it not only makes the venue look attractive, sets the mood for guests but, is also necessary to create an impression. We provide custom decoration services according to the taste and preferences of the clients, which makes us one of the best decor service providers in Delhi.

  • provide a varied service, starting from the entry that would export you straight to a Wonderland or a mandap to provide you with a king/queen like Royal feel. Also designing stage for events like Mehndi, Sangeet & Wedding.
  • At The Wedding Curator, have a team with inspirational ideas for decor like:
  • Minimal decor
  • Floral Wedding decor
  • Theme based Wedding decor
  • Vintage style decor etc.
  • have a broad list of decor service vendors to suggest to our clients making it easy as well as variety choose according to their choice.
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